The Page That Counts: Winter 2012

Percentage of Muslim Americans who say military attacks on civilians are never justified: 78; Catholics: 39.
Woman in Egypt photo by Asim Bharwani

Photo by Asim Bharwani.

Percentage of Muslim Americans who say military attacks on civilians are never justified: 78

Protestants: 38

Catholics: 39 [1]

Percentage of all the waste generated by a typical school that could be recycled or composted: 80 []

Amount of oil and gas money designated by the United States for rebuilding Iraq after the 2003 invasion: $9.1 billion

Amount the U.S. Department of Defense was unable to properly account for: $8.7 billion []

Percentage of 16- to 34-year-olds who use a phone as their primary timepiece: 60 []

Pounds of carbon dioxide each square meter of public forest in western Washington and Oregon soaks up per year: 1.1

Pounds of carbon dioxide emitted from driving one mile: 1.1

Number of acres of federal and state forest land in Oregon and western Washington: 11.8 million

Number of acres needed to soak up the two states’ carbon emissions from gasoline: 23 million []

Average number of people killed annually in shark attacks from 2001-2010: 4

Number of sharks killed annually by people: 26-73 million []

Percentage of Americans receiving Social Security retirement who say they “have not used a government program”: 44

Percentage receiving unemployment insurance who say they “have not used a government program”: 43 ]

Number of nuclear power plant sites in the United States: 65 ]

Number of sites reported to be leaking radioactive tritium: 48 []

Percentage of people age 18 or older married, in 1960: 72
In 2008: 52

Average age at first marriage for men in 1960: 22

For men in 2008: 28

For women in 1960: 20

For women in 2008: 25 []

Amount the USDA spent in assistance payments to large industrial farms in 2010: $13.7 billion []

Amount the USDA spent to support small and medium farm operations: less than $100 million []


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