The Page That Counts :: Summer 2010

Wild Tiger

Percentage by which the wild tiger population has decreased since 1900: 95 [1]

Number of tigers believed to exist in the wild today: 3,200

Number of tigers estimated to be in captivity in the United States: 5,000

Percentage of tigers in the United States in zoos and other facilities accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums: 6


Approximate number of times larger the U.S. prison population is today than it was 30 years ago: 5 [2]

Number of New York City residents incarcerated in upstate New York prisons: 43,740 [3]

Number of New York state senate districts that would need to be redrawn if prisoners were counted where they were from instead of where they are held : 7

Number of states that had completely refused federal stimulus money as of February 2010: 18


Florida’s approximate unemployment rate in February 2010: 12%

Amount of federal money Florida could receive but has declined: $444.3 million [5]

Least amount it would cost Florida per year to expand unemployment benefits to qualify for the money: $73.7 million

Average number of deaths per year in the United States from 1996-2006: 2,431,233 [6]

Number of organ donors in 2009 reported as of March 26, 2010 : 14,631 [7]

Number of candidates waiting for organ transplants reported as of March 31, 2010: 106,729

Species photo

Number of identified species, according to the world’s most comprehensive list of plants and animals: 1.9 million [8]

Number of species that have been added to the list since it was compiled by Australian researchers in 2006: 114,000

Percentage of mammals that are endangered, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature: 21 [9]

Percentage of amphibians that are endangered, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature: 29

Percentage of Americans who believe one of the country’s greatest assets is its military’s strength and superiority: 14 [10]

Percentage who cite military unpreparedness, lack of security from terrorism, and involvement in wars as a national weakness: 15

Percentage who believe the American people themselves are one of the greatest assets: 35


Teach For America Photo by Tulane Publications

Number of 2008 U.S. House candidates, out of 435, who won despite being outspent by their competitors: 32 [11]

Number of 2008 U.S. Senate candidates, out of 35, who won despite being outspent by their competitors: 5

Odds that a challenger who spent less than $1 million would beat a U.S. House incumbent in the 2008 election: 302:1 [12]

Number of applications Teach for America received from college seniors in 2009: 35,000


Number of individuals Teach for America accepted in 2009 (a record): 4,100


More Page That Counts

Spring 2010

Percentage of regional GDP spent on transportation in car-based cities: 12–15. Percentage of regional GDP spent on transportation in mass transit-based cities: 5–8



Winter 2010

Number of Boeing 747 jets that could be built with the aluminum cans thrown away by airlines in a year: 58 ...



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