What Does It Mean to Be an American Now?

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Spring 2002
founding america
The roots of the American experiment in democracy reach back thousands of years, fed by our failures as well as our successes, our crimes as well as great ideals
by Jacob Needleman

the untold story of democracy
Long before Columbus, native peoples were practicing a form of democracy that provided a model for the US confederacy
by Jack Weatherford

american women
Colonial women had no right to own property, to vote, or even to have custody of their own children. What made them imagine equal rights were possible?
by Sally Roesch Wagner

american journey
Kim Stafford — a test and freedom
Terry Tempest Williams — a promise of parrots
Liam Mahony — only one
Philip Levine — the mercy
Pat Mora — sonrisas
Granny D — a crazy old woman, walking by

freedom sings
Harry Belafonte’s search for the musical roots of black America took him to the music of chain gangs, escaped slaves, early churches, and West Africa
an interview with Harry Belafonte
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder

get your vote on
Forty years ago, Selma, Alabama, was ground zero in the battle for civil rights. But it wasn’t until last year that the people of Selma finally won
by Malika Sanders

old pain, new hope
More than a hundred years after it helped overthrow the Queen of Hawai’i, the Congregational Church musters the courage to face its past
by Sheldon Ito

the (sometimes) beautiful american
Yes, sometimes we Americans are ugly. Sometimes we turn our backs on our friends and allies for own “national interest.” But America also has another, finer side
by John Mohawk

what happens to your heart
A few Americans refuse to accept the lethal effect of US-led sanctions on Iraq’s children. They’re defying the law to bring pure water and hope to Iraqis, and to tell their story abroad
by David Morse

a place for dignity
Where do you go when you have no place to go? In Portland, homeless people are building a village and helping each other make a new start
by Carol Estes

reshaping the American dreamhouse
Americans are trading in their big dreams of suburban McMansions (and their nightmares of high mortgages and taxes) for smaller, soulful, affordable dreamhouses
by Pamela O’Malley Chang

what is real security?
If our addiction to oil makes us vulnerable, can decentralized, renewable resources supply more security than big military spending?
by Amory B. and L. Hunter Lovins

how to be a patriot
True patriotism is an act of love. If your country is about to run into the street without looking, there is nothing disloyal about crying, “Stop!”
by Sam Smith

resources for patriots
Resources for protecting your rights
by Rik Langendoen

What Does it Mean to be an Americanpfn news

speak out anyway
Danny Glover, actor, activist, and PFN board member, is one of many who are reaping the
consequences of speaking his mind
by Frances F. Korten

in review

book reviews
White Collar Sweatshop:The Deterioration of Work and its Rewards in Corporate America by Jill Andresky Fraser,
In God's Country: The Patriot Movement and the Pacific Northwest by David A. Neiwert.
Caring for New Life by Ron Miller


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