StoryCorps Gets to the Core of American Families

Preserving the story of the American experience, one interview at a time.
Connie and Blanca, screenshot

The formula is simple: two people who care about each other, asking honest and sometimes difficult questions–with a microphone in front of them to record their responses for posterity.

StoryCorps began recording and archiving stories of the American experience in 2003.  The group has collected more than 30,000 interviews from more than 60,000 participants, preserved at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

The interviews probe deeply into the questions that matter in an honest exploration of intimacy, identity, and what it means to live in relationship with one another.

The Icing on the Cake

A mother-daughter interview about one family's immigration to the United States.

Danny and Annie, screenshot

Danny and Annie: A Love Story

Two Brooklynites reminisce about their 27-year relationship and what it means to really love someone.



Joshua and Sarah, screenshot

The Tough Questions

A 12-year-old boy with Asperger's syndrome interviews his mother about the challenges–and joys–of raising him.





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