This Is My Family

8 personal essays on what family is today.
Rona Fernandez photo by Hasain Rasheed

Rona prepares for her wedding with her sister, Arlene (left)

Photo by Hasain Rasheed

My New Sisters

Rona Fernandez expected to be nervous the first time she met her father, but she didn't expect the immediate bond she would forge with her newfound sisters.


Silhouette photo by Hamish Irvine

How I Fight For My Family

Celeste Addai had never given much thought to immigration issues–until her Ghanaian husband had to flee in the night from ICE agents. Now family life happens just once a week, in secret.

Father and Son photo by Tarzen

Two Dads, Many Roots

When Rafael Regan was adopted from Paraguay, he got more relatives than his two new dads. But it’s never been a struggle to relate to his Chinese and white families, or connect to his South American roots.

Kristy Leissle family photo
Returning Grandpa's Love

Walkin’ and chalkin’, that was what we did. Roaming the streets of Brooklyn, a couple of chalk sticks in my hand, I made primitive sketches on sidewalks, fire hydrants, and the occasional garage door, while Grandpa ambled nearby ...

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Tomas Muniz family

Did I Ever Tell You The Story?

My mother always repeats this story to me anytime she knows I’m upset, and especially when I’m struggling with some difficulty within my family ...

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Wendy Call family photo

The Child We Never Had

All last year, our neighbor delivered his toddler daughter to our house several afternoons each week. My partner or I would knock off work early and settle in with Lesley, among piles of wooden blocks, picture books, and Lincoln Logs ...

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Allison Green family photo

Becoming Abuelita

When I met my partner, Arline, I was 35 and had no children. She was 45 and had three children, with her ex-husband, and five grandchildren ...

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Jen AngelSex Without Jealousy, Love Without Ownership

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve questioned the world around me—everything from our car-based culture and corporate food system to my intimate relationships. How can my personal life reflect my political beliefs—autonomy, transparency, respect?

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Simple tips for having an open relationship



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Danny and Annie, screenshot

Danny and Annie:
A Love Story

Two Brooklynites reminisce about their 27-year relationship and what it means to really love someone.

Joshua and Sarah, screenshot

The Tough Questions

A 12-year-old boy with Asperger's syndrome interviews his mother about the challenges–and joys–of raising him.

Connie and Blanca, screenshot

The Icing on the Cake

A mother-daughter interview about one family's immigration to the United States.

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