What Happy Families Know

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What Happy Families Know

It was never easy for families to make it on their own. As the economy becomes more turbulent and America diversifies, many people are embracing new family values. We are learning to care for, love, and bring into our families people who come from different cultures or ethnicities, are gay or straight, are blood relatives or relatives by choice.

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Editor’s Introduction:

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Freer, Messier, Happier

Families get flexible to deal with a less stable world. And are richer for it.  

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Radical Homemaker

You don’t need much cash if you can make, barter, or share the things your family needs.

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You Are Who You Eat With

The return of the family dinner.

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All In The Ohana

For this Hawaiian clan, fish, taro, babies, and adult children are all part of the family.

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7 Ways To Keep Love Going Strong

In a new relationship, in a long marriage, and even if it’s complicated.

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Raising Babies in Prison

Moms get a second chance, babies get a better start.

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9 Ways to Support Families in Hard Times

Ideology aside, here’s a political agenda that would help families.

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The Good Life? It's Close To Home

Supporting a family really does take a village—here’s how to build one in your community.

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This Is My Family

Claimed by grandchildren, raising my neighbor's child–our family stories.

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Photo Essay: Humanity

A photographic celebration of friendship, family, love, and laughter.

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Who Is Family Now?

Just the facts.

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