The Page That Counts :: Summer 2005

Number of stories that ran in major newspapers in the last six months of 2004 in which

“Social Security” appeared within five words of “crisis” or “looming”:  159

Number of times the same phrase occurred in the same period a year before: 18 (1)

Year that the trustees of Social Security expect their program's trust fund to run out: 2041

Percent of benefits that would still be paid through the program's other sources of income in 2041: 74

Year that the trustees of Medicare expect their program's trust fund to run out: 2020 (2)

Percent of answers about billing provided by Medicare customer service representatives

that were wrong: 96

Percent of wrong answers that a toad, through random leaps, provided to the same questions: 50 (3)

Estimated deaths from the December 2004 tsunami: near 220,000 (4)

Estimated deaths from malaria every year: 1.3 million (5)

Cost of lifesaving malaria treatment for one person: 25 cents to $2.40 (6)

U.S. contribution to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis in 2004: $350 million

Amount the contribution decreased from the year before: $200 million (7)

Number of prisoners held by the U.S. military in Iraq in October 2004: 4,300 (8)

Number held in March 2005: 10,200 (9)

Number of people threatened with loss of all public library access in Salinas, California: 150,000 (10)

Cumulative loss of funding for libraries across America in the past year and a half: $111.5 million (11)

Percent of Americans who agreed with the statement that libraries and librarians play an essential role in our democracy and are “needed now more than ever”: 83 (12)

Number of libraries that were asked by law enforcement officials, under the USA PATRIOT Act, for records of their patrons' reading habits in 2002: 444

Number of libraries that refused the requests for the records: 225

Percent of librarians who say they would challenge a court order asking them to provide information secretly about a patron: 21.7 (13)

Number of times Congress has voted to raise the federal minimum wage since 1997: 0 (14)

Number of times Congress has voted to raise its own salary since 1997: 7 (15)

Number of moose that have broken into retail stores in Norway over the past year: at least 2 (16)

Number of additional centimeters children in sunlit schools grow over a two-year period compared to children in artificially lit schools: 2.1

Amount less tooth decay in children attending sunlit, rather than artificially lit, schools: 9 times (17)

Percent of Americans who believe that buying a highly fuel-efficient car is patriotic: 66

Percent of NASCAR fans who believe this: 67 (18)

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