Music Picks: Winter 2013

Anna Ternheim, Jerry Jeff Walker, and other inspiration while putting together the Winter 2013 issue.

This One’s For Him:
 A Tribute to Guy Clark

A project that could lure Jerry Jeff Walker into a studio is already a win. Add to his contribution (“My Favorite Picture of You”) 29 other songs sung by old friends like Joe Ely (“Dublin Blues”), Emmylou Harris and John Prine (“Magnolia Wind”), and a few new ones like Patty Griffin and The Trishas.


The Night Visitor

Swedish artist Anna Ternheim brings sweet songs and slightly exotic enunciations to Nashville, and a luscious yet stately folk album is born. “The Longer the Waiting” is entrancing and will stay with you.


My Head Is an Animal

Of Monsters and Men is six Icelandic voices making unapologetically joyful music. Their sound is full, communal, and driving: foot stomping and hand clapping.

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