The Page That Counts :: Spring 2001

Percent of recent college graduates who believe they will be worth $1 million by age 40: 52 1
Percent of Americans who reported incomes of $1 million in 1997: 0.12

Number of days a cockroach can live without its head: 93

Number of registered lobbyists in 1999: 20,512
Lobbying expenditure per member of Congress in 1999: $2.7 million4

Percent of Americans who do not consider George W. Bush a legitimately elected president: 40
Percent who think Bush will work mainly for the interests of large corporations: 86
Percent who think Bush will work mainly against the interests of poor people: 44 5

Square footage of Henry David Thoreau's cabin at Walden Pond: 150
Square footage of a Colorado Springs developer's house design called The Thoreau: 5,471
Number of bedrooms in The Thoreau: 6
Number of times Thoreau's cabin could fit into The Thoreau woodshop: one, with space left over 6

Frequency with which a cliché is used in party conversation: every 11.32 seconds
At a business meeting: every 9.764 seconds
In a eulogy: every 8.3 seconds7

Number of marijuana arrests during the 8-year term of the president who “didn't inhale”:
over 4.1 million 8

Odds of being hit by falling space debris: 1 in 60 trillion
Odds of being killed by something other than space debris falling on you: 1 in 4,762 9

Odds of being killed by a poisonous snake, spider, or lizard: 1 in 268,153
Odds of being struck by lightning: 1 in 600,000
Odds of winning the Multistate Powerball Jackpot: 1 in 80,089,28810

Number of galaxies for each person alive: 911
Ratio by which chickens outnumber us: 4 to 112

Sources: 1. National survey of 2,000 recent college graduates conducted in March 2000, Washington Post, May 28, 2000. 2. IRS Statistics of Income Bulletin, Fall 1999. 3. “Amazing Animal Facts,” Earth Focus #11, 2000.4 5. A Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted January 11–15. 6. Progressive Review #367, October 2000. 7.  8. NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) 9. NASA. 10. National Safety Council, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Powerball. 11. Information sent back by the Hubbell telescope, reported in Annie Dillard, For the Time Being. New York: Vintage Books, 1999. 12. Annie Dillard, For the Time Being. New York: Vintage Books, 1999. 13. “Amazing Animal Facts,” Earth Focus, #11, 2000.

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