Navigating The Great Turning From Empire To Earth Community

David Korten’s presentation to the Seattle Green Festival shows that we humans can choose to turn this moment of planetary crisis into a new era, grounded in life-affirming values of community, caring, and cooperation.

Listen to David Korten's presentation at the 2008 Seattle Green Festival on
Navigating the Great Turning from Empire to Earth Community. 40 minutes

"We are all well aware of the crisis unfolding around us. The day of reckoning for our reckless human ways that many of us have for decades warned would be coming is here. The future is now. Peak oil, climate chaos, financial collapse, and spreading social disintegration are all consequences of deep cultural and institutional dysfunction. The imperative to address them presents us with an epic test of our human intelligence and creativity..."

David Korten gave this presentation at the Seattle Green Festival, April 13, 2008. Read the transcript.

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