Audio: Swim Against the Current

Even a Dead Fish Can Go With the Flow

Listen to Jim Hightower read an excerpt of Chapter 14 of his book Swim Against the Current.11 minutes

Cover of Swim Against the Current, by Jim Hightower and DeMarco.

Jim Hightower, New York Times bestselling author and America's funniest activist, gives the lowdown on how to put up—not shut up—in the fight for our future: question authority, trust your values, seek alternatives, break away, stand up for your beliefs, and swim against the current.

The book introduces readers to people across the country who have actually done this—people in business, politics, health care, farming, religion, and other areas who are taking charge, living their values, doing good, and doing well. Hightower and DeMarco show how they are doing precisely what the elites want us to believe can't be done: changing their lives and making a difference. He tells the stories of these people and offers inspiration and information that will help readers tap into their own maverick potential in order to navigate a different, more satisfying course of their own.

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