Walking Through Fear :: Interview

Listen to Sarah van Gelder's Interview with Frances Moore Lappé. 17 minutes

Frances Moore Lappé. Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Frances Moore Lappé

YES! Editor Sarah van Gelder talked to Frances Moore Lappé. Together, Lappé and her daughter Anna Lappé lead the Cambridge-based Small Planet Institute, a collaborative network for research and popular education to bring democracy to life. With her daughter, she is also co-founder of the Small Planet Fund, channeling resources to democratic social movements worldwide.

Frances Moore Lappé’s book Diet for a Small Planet had sold 3 million copies. She co-founded organizations to fight hunger and bolster democracy. Along with her daughter, Anna, she traveled the world to gather stories for Hope’s Edge. Yet, like many of us, she experienced a time when her world crumbled …

Read the interview with Frances Moore Lappé in the What is the Good Life? issue.

Voices Carry Why having a voice makes people happy. By Frances Moore Lappé

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