Chairs Cartoon

The best of the reader submitted captions for the May 2007 YES! cartoon.
YES! Cartoon: Fishbowl Roadsign

In our May 2007 newsletter, we asked our readers to supply a caption for the YES! cartoon above. Here are the best of the submissions.

That wasn't what I meant by having someone to look up to!
Paul Ventura

Harold wondered if he, too, could move up in the office.
Frank Lee

I don't think that's quite what the ergonomic handbook was going for.
Christine Simone

What patronizing attitude are you talking about?
Paul Ventura

Just call me 'chairman of the bored.'
Paul Ventura

It was her higher than thou attitude that made him want to strip her gears.
Myra B. Ridge

It looks like fun," Marvin thought. "But first, I'll wait to see how she gets down."
Frank Lee

One look, and he knew he would have to ask her her name.
Myra B. Ridge

Despite best efforts, engineering hadn't quite perfected the office-meeting emergency ejection system.
Frank Lee

So THAT'S your solution for breaking through the glass ceiling?
Emily Brockway

I see you opted for the turbo.
Kevin Beck


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