DinoCar Cartoon

The best of the reader submitted captions for the September 2007 YES! cartoon.

In our September 2007 newsletter, we asked our readers to supply a caption for the YES! cartoon above. Here are the best of the submissions.

It's a one-owner car—and she's still somewhere inside.
Paul Ventura

Supposedly it gets 35 miles per talon.
Linda Pescatore

No, YOU open the hood.
Elizabeth L'Abate

You know, George, the closer to Peak Oil we get, the more these things really start to look like dinosaurs.
Ron Walley

Well, I wouldn't recommend rotating the tires.
Paul Ventura

How about a deeper discount on this dinosaur?

...and this model here makes its own fossil fuels
Ian Wilson

We call it the Priustoric. It runs on gas and Michael Crichton novels.
Paul Ventura

Now that's what I call a Hybrid!
Alonzo Coe

You're right, cold weather starts are tough, but she really moves in the heat.
Michael Byrne

Would you like to purchase our newest transportation model, the CARnivore?
submitted by Joey McManus in 7th grade history class

For one thing, the warranty's good until the next Ice Age.
Paul Ventura

It literally runs on biofuel. Don't try to sleep in it though...
Donald Poling

Yes, sir, this little baby is a dying breed - they just don't make 'em like this anymore.
Eric D. Olick

My children told me the internal combustion car was a dinosaur, but I didn't believe them!
Doris Brevoort

And the exhaust emission can be used in your garden.
[email protected]

I'm worried that it might become extinct.
Robert Simpson

It's half sustainable, half renewable
Marjorie & Al Stewart

It goes from crawl to slither in 6.3 seconds.
Mark Koger

Don't worry. The Marketing Department can work wonders.
Greg Smith

I thought of the design while traffic was at a crawl.
Heidi Wright

Hey, its a dinosaur, but it runs!
Lisa Schultz

That is really putting a tiger in your tank!
Edith Blafield

Best conversion kit I've seen yet!

But who's going to clean up the mess it makes?
Crystel Casey

What's it got under the hood?
Chuck Manske

Hey, Henry. What is it? It looks like a compactus-dinocarus.
Greg Brooks-English

It's cheaper to run than a hummer and it's all wheel drive!
Townsend Twainhart

No doubt about it Fred, when those boys in Detroit promised us a new "monster-of-a-hybrid"... they weren't kidding!
Steve Boyd & Dona MacDonald

Buy it or I'll tell it to eat you
Warren Crawley

This gives going green a whole new meaning.
Cheryl Honey


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