Hospital Flag Cartoon

The best of the reader submitted captions for the Fall 2006 issue YES! cartoon.

In preparation for our Fall 2006 issue on Health Care, we asked our readers to supply a caption for the YES! cartoon above. Our editors looked at dozens of responses and chose these as the best. Let us know if you agree or disagree. Write to [email protected]

Well, yes, we were going to do a heart transplant. but we just couldn't find yours..
Richard Brooks

Somehow being wrapped in the flag doesn't help my spirits.
Jack Foster

You can choose whether you'd like to go to Poland or Zanzibar for your follow-up healthcare. Our veteran hospitals have been relocated to these free trade zones
Anahata Pomeroy

Are you sure you checked my wrist band for my name? You aren't bringing me in for a hysterectomy are you?
Annette Prianti-Perkowsk

Your insurance won't cover sheets, but we have plenty of these!
W Brodie Lockard & Dorothy Lockard

Mr. Johnson, One last question, "Which movie would you like uploaded into your Cerebral Cortex during your procedure?"
Kim Iwasko

"Thank you for serving our political regime. This "Oh Beautiful For Spacious Skies" red, white, and blue flag can also be transferred from our operating room to cover your casket... without additional charge."
Vickie Lynch

Freedom's on the march to the Operating Room.
Jessica Martinez

Another victim of the Patriotism Bug.
Donna Gillilan

I guess if I don't make it, give the flag to my wife.
Debbie Zamsky

Don't worry, they stop when your card reaches its limit.
Caitlin Sullivan

It wasn't necessary for Betsy Ross to sew my catheter on either!
Erik Benson

No, it is not a terminal illness, Mr. America -- unless you don't stop stealing from your family and starting fights with your neighbors!
Scott Seymour

Sorry Mr. Roberts. To meet your company health care efficiency requirements your surgeon is outsourced and may just not be in time.
Wolfgang Spendel

Don't worry George, you are safe under your security blanket.
Hugo Skoppek


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