Rabbit Ears Cartoon

The best of the reader submitted captions for the Summer 2006 issue YES! cartoon.
YES! Cartoon: Rabbit Ears

In preparation for our Summer 2006 issue, we asked our readers to supply a caption for the YES! cartoon above. Our editors looked at dozens of responses and chose these as the best. Let us know if you agree or disagree. Write to [email protected]

"FDA customer service, may I help you? Yes, I understand your concern about modified plants or animals, which may have genetic changes that are unexpected and harmful. However, I've been eating genetically engineered food for years and it hasn't affected me!"
Larry Langley

Whitehouse switchboard: "Tricks are NOT just for kids! We provide them for ALL Americans!"
Louise Morgan

It seems my emails are multiplying every day!
Karen M. Blass

'Dress-Down Fridays' are OK but I'm still getting used to 'Bunny Mondays.'

OK, I can hear you now...
N. Buffins

Dexter tries, in vain, to delete the recordings of his private telephone calls as the NSA requires all new employees to wear "rabbit ear antennae", hoping to eavesdrop on a record number of Americans.
Janis Siegel

Yes sir, President Bush. Your order for a canister of smoke and a package of mirrors will be shipped in the morning.
Dan Merkle

Frank puts on his alternative ears to listen to the alternative media.
Eric D. Olick

The reception is far better than my TV set's, and I can now hop around the office without drawing attention.
Donna Gilliland

I'll sure be glad when they fix this headset so I can stop wearing these bunny ears! They totally clash with my tie.
Teresa Miller


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