Tandem Cartoon

The best of the reader submitted captions for the November 2007 YES! cartoon.

In our November 2007 newsletter, we asked our readers to supply a caption for the YES! cartoon above. Here are the best of the submissions.

This design made a lot more sense in the planning committee!
Linda Parsons

I'll see you when we get there.
Jack Foster

I guess you're right, Sue. This relationship is going nowhere.

Mary and Bill saw the design flaw in their project within moments.
Townsend Twainhart

So thats what the USDOT Secretary meant when she said bicycle aren't a form of transportation.
Paul Ventura

This time, Jack and Jill could not go up the hill.
Paul Ventura

Bike Polar
Doug Brown

NO dear you go first.
Oh pease sweetheart, YOU go first...

Frank Lee

I agree, it's a brilliant piece of work, Clyde. You should seriously consider leaving your brain to science.
Lauren Latreux

Environmentally friendly modes of transportation work if everybody is headed in the same direction.
Curtis R Piatt

You've picked a heckuva time to ask for a separation!
Paul Ventura

The committee reached a compromise solution.


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