Prison Meditation

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Prisoners meditate at Donaldson Correctional Facility near Birmingham, AL.

Cover of YES! issue 15: Is it Time to Close the Prisons?

YES! Magazine rethinks our prison system:

:: The Road to Forgiveness
:: Prisons That Work
:: Youth Court

spacer The Dhamma Brothers

East meets West in the Deep South. An overcrowded maximum-security prison—the end of the line in Alabama's correctional system—is dramatically changed by the influence of an ancient meditation program.

Behind high security towers and a double row of barbed wire and electrical fence dwells a host of convicts who will never see the light of day. But for some of these men, a spark is ignited when it becomes the first maximum-security prison in North America to hold an extended Vipassana retreat, an emotionally and physically demanding course of silent meditation lasting ten days.

The Dhamma Brothers tells a dramatic tale of human potential and transformation as it closely follows and documents the stories of the prison inmates at Donaldson Correction Facility who enter into this arduous and intensive program.

Dhamma Brothers Get Quiet

Imagine There's no Prison
Carol Estes reviews Magnani and Wray's Beyond Prisons: a fascinating, imaginative approach to reinventing criminal justice.

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