No Wall Too Tall

Raffi Cavoukian is known to millions simply as Raffi: a renowned Canadian songwriter and performer, author and entrepreneur. He is a keynote presenter, lecturing and networking to help create a viable future: a sustainable, child-friendly world for ourselves and for those to come.

He sings "No Wall Too Tall" as an advocate for change, celebrating David Korten's new book Agenda for a New Economy.

Listen to No Wall Too Tall. [nwtt.mp4]
3.17 minutes

People say it's hopeless
Money rules the world
It rules with an iron hand
And we're helpless in its hold
People say its crazy
You can't break that wall
In the face of the power of love
The rules start spinning around
There's no wall too tall
No wall too tall to fall

No Wall Too Tall
Words by Raffi & Gary Stephen Ross. Music by Raffi.
(c) 2009 Troubadour Music Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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