The Defenders


The “Speak Truth to Power” project began as a book of interviews by Kerry Kennedy of 50 human rights advocates with portraits by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Eddie Adams. The project examines the quality of courage in the women and men who are dramatically changing the course of events in their communities. “Speak Truth to Power” later became a play by Chilean writer Ariel Dorfman, then a touring photo exhibit of “The Defenders”, then a PBS documentary film, then an education curriculum. More information at

Bobby Muller. Photo by Eddie AdamsSister Dianna Ortiz. Photo by Eddie AdamsSister Helen Prejean. Photo by Eddie AdamsMartha Wright Edelman. Photo by Eddie Adams

Here is a sample of the Speak Truth to Power project. Click on these thumbnails to see Eddie Adams' full portraits and the accompanying interviews with these courageous defenders of human rights.

See other human rights advocates in the Speak Truth to Power project here.

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