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Solar lanterns from the barefoot solar engineers enable a unique system of night schools throughout India, providing working children with both education and an experience of democracy.

spacerThe Night Schools:

More than 250 night schools have been set up throughout India for the benefit of working children. Nearly 4000 girls and over 2,250 boys, who tend cattle during the day, attend these schools after dark. All the 250 night schools are powered by solar lanterns, which are maintained by barefoot solar engineers.

Teaching aids and learning materials used in the night schools are made from waste material. The schools are also equipped with wooden science toys made by physically challenged youth. Instruction is informal and the curriculum is focused on practical knowledge and experience. Since most children tend cattle, they learn basic animal husbandry, along with reading and math. They are also provided with learner booklets which children take along with them, while tending cattle in the daytime at the grazing grounds. Children attend night schools for five years.

images from YES! Magazine's online photo essay of the work of the Barefoot College of Tilonia

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