Imagine! USA sings for Mexico

Pangea Day USA/Mexico anthem: American woman sings the Mexican anthem alongside the Mexican border

Pangea Day eyes

Pangea Day child watching film

Pangea Day Kenyans singing India's national anthem

spacerImagine! USA sings for Mexico

Pangea Day:
May 10, 2008

Here a choir from the USA sings the Mexican anthem along the fence that divides the US from Mexico.

Leading film-makers are seeking to change the way we think about other countries. What would you think of Kenyans singing the Indian national anthem? Australians singing the Lebanese national anthem? Japanese singing the Turkish national anthem? French people singing the US anthem?

Watch this anthem series, which will be shown on Pangea Day, May 10, "the day the world comes together through film".

Pangea Day
Trailer for Pangea Day.

Imagine! Kenya sings for India
Set against the backdrops of Nairobi city and the beautiful landscape of Uhuru Park (Maasai country), a Kenyan choir sings the Indian national anthem.

Imagine! Japan sings for Turkey
A Japanese troupe performs the Turkish national anthem. The director chose the Turkish anthem because of the historical friendship between the two countries.

Imagine! Australia sings for Lebanon
An Australian choir sings the Lebanese national anthem. The director chose this anthem as a gesture of friendship following the racially motivated riots at Cronulla Beach, a beach-front suburb of Sydney, in 2005.

Imagine! France sings for USA
A French choir sings the United States national anthem.

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