Sustainability in Seattle: Energy Efficiency

Richard Conlin looks back to the beginnings of Seattle's green energy policies. It all started with the request to fund a nuclear power plant.

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Seattle is well known as a hub for environmentalism. But how did it all get started? Richard Conlin talks about the beginnings of green city policies in the 1970's: Seattle was asked by a state-wide public utility to help fund nuclear power plants, and here is what happened …

Richard Conlin gave this speech to a Sustainable Bainbridge gathering on October 9, 2008 at . Conlin is the president of the Seattle City Council and a member of YES! Magazine's board of directors.

is an organization of community leaders in Bainbridge Island, WA, YES! Magazine's hometown. The organization aims to protect and strengthen the island community's social, environmental, and economic sustainability for current and future generations.

YES! Online Intern Jon Sayer recorded and produced these videos for YES!

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