Dream House



spacer Take a peek inside Dee Williams extra small dream house.

Positive change begins at home. So when Dee Williams decided to change her life, thats where she started. In fact, she redefined what “home” meant, right down to what it was, and where it could go.

Living Large in a Tiny House
Dee Williams chose to downsize and now lives in a 84-square-foot home. She says she has never been happier.

How to Beat Foreclosures With Community Land Trusts
Community Housing Trusts buy land and houses, not for profit, but to keep them affordable for low- and middle-income residents. Daniel Fireside looks at the success of Vermont’s 25-year-old Champlain Housing Trust, which provides homes for 2,100 households.

The Northwest Green Home Primer
Architect Pam Chang reviews this comprehensive text for anyone who chooses green design for home construction or renovation.

Reshaping the American Dreamhouse
If people hear ‘850 square feet’ they think, ‘There’s no way I could live like that!’ Yet when people walk into a carefully planned small cottage, they say, ‘This is wonderful! Look at all this space!’

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