FALLOUT: Coming Home From the War in Iraq



spacer Ava Lowery
Peace Takes Courage

Ava Lowery is the teenage peace activist from Alabama behind the website, PeaceTakesCourage.com, and has received an amazing amount of attention.

Ava's animations show the multidimensional tragedy of the Iraq war—losses of brave young soldiers to American families, and loss of innocent civilians in Iraq. Poignant and raw, Ava's youth and sincerity has attracted support from a broad base of both soldiers and activists.

FALLOUT: Coming Home From the War in Iraq

Here's an example of her work: a short film about the war in Iraq and its effects on our returning troops. "Pro-war or anti-war, we should all take the time to listen to what our returning troops have to say".

Learn more about Ava Lowery and see her films for peace:
Peace Takes Courage.

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