It’s Not Too Late



Portrait of Van Jones. Photograph by William Mercer McLeon. spacer One Minute Shift :: It's Not Too Late

The crises facing our planet can be overwhelming. But it is not too late for change, says Van Jones, a respected social justice leader.

In this inspiring video, he shares that change begins with a worldview that says we're not going to leave anyone behind. Together, we can make the shift beyond a throw-away culture to a world in which everything is respected as sacred.

Van Jones is the President of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and Green For All.

“Dr. King didn't get famous giving a speech that said,‘I have a complaint.' It's time for us to start dreaming again and invite the country to dream with us. We don't have any ‘throw away’ species, nations, or children. We must birth a global green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty.” —Van Jones

Green Jobs for All

by Ian Kim
People left out of the fossil fuel economy stand tall in the green economy.

Green-Collar Jobs Campaign Teaching Tools
Lesson Plans from our partner the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights that you can use together with selected YES! articles to teach about building a green and just economy, cities that serve communities and nature, and a just world that works for all.

2 minute video of Van Jones, Ella Baker Center co-founder, as he offers a framework for building a just and sustainable world that centers around building a green economy that lifts people out of poverty.

Brower Youth Awards :: Jon Warnow
Listen to Jon's energetic acceptance speech as he invites all of us to “step outside our comfort zones” and remake our world.

Trailer courtesy of YouTube.

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