Voices for Change :: YES! Reports from DC

Videographer Len Davis was in DC for YES! Magazine, capturing voices around the inauguration.

"I bought my plane ticket to DC earlier in the election season when it became clear to me that Obama was going to be our next president. I had been to Clinton’s inauguration while working in an urban service corps in DC, and I went to Bush’s inauguration to cover the massive protests that greeted him. I did the same work I always do—talking to people about who they are, what they think, and where they see us as a nation at this particular point in time.

YES! was a natural partner for me on this project. As a longtime subscriber I knew the kind of video that I shoot is directly connected to the positive, solutions oriented stories that YES! readers are seeking. I wanted to hear from people what they thought was now possible, what Obama’s mantra of ’change’ meant to them, and how they are working to be that change they wish to see in the world.

So I set out walking the streets, collecting interviews, talking to strangers, and attending events. The positive vibration that dominated our nation’s capitol that week was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. If this tangible new spirit of unity and common cause in America is an indicator of the direction we head, then certainly the future is a bright one."
—Len Davis

Click on the images below to watch the comments, stories, and songs.

Medea Benjamin
Promises for Peace
Medea Benjamin, Founder of CODE PINK
spacer Valerae Washington
That Open Door We've Been Waiting For
Valerae Washington, School Teacher
spacer Devonte Noel
Watching a Black Person Touch the Sky
Devonte Noel from Trinidad
spacer Yarrow and Vereen
If I Had a Hammer
Yarrow & Vereen at the Alliance For Peace and Justice
spacer Barry
Enjoying the Moment
Christiana Wyly
Rallying Around the Message of Hope
Christiana Wyly, Green Inaugural Ball
spacer Carrie Bridges
Seeing People's Minds Changing
Carrie Bridges
spacer A family visiting from Waterford City, Ireland
The Deliverance of the Dream
A family visiting from Waterford City, Ireland
spacer Tania Petterfords Wates
Ready to Do the Work
Tania Petterfords Wates
spacer  Bethany Yarrow
Woke Up With My Mind Set On Obama
Bethany Yarrow, Singer-Songwriter
Glynn Crooks
Obama Treads on New Territory
Glynn Crooks, Shakopee Widwa Ketan Sioux in MN
spacer Francesca Loftis
Moving Away From Polarization
Francesca Loftis, Community Organizer
spacer Anderson Love
This Inauguration Moved My Soul
Retired First Sergeant Anderson Love
spacer Dresden Dolls
Permission to Like Each Other
Brian Viglione and Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls
spacer Anderson Family
Inspiration For My Children
Anderson Family from California on the Ellipse
Kim Cohen
Universal Health Care is Good for All
Kim Cohen, CO Health Care Activist
spacer Betty Taylor
The most Awesome Day of My Life
Native American Activist Betty Taylor
spacer Folami, Kekeli, and Nataki
First We Need the Economy Fixed
Folami, Kekeli, and Nataki
spacer Charlotte Pope
He'll Do Great Things to Your Country
Charlotte Pope, a British Visitor
spacer Barack Obama
Just What it is it That We Love About America
Barack Obama at the We Are One Concert



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