Cooperatives Put People—and Democracy—to Work

How worker-owned businesses from Cleveland to Spain are nurturing life and jobs outside the corporate framework.


SHIFT CHANGE - Putting Democracy to Work - preview from Mark Dworkin on Vimeo

Shift Change—Putting Democracy to Work, a film by Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin about life outside the corporate framework, is slated for release in July 2012.

Examining cooperatives in both the United States and Spain, it documents the growing number of employee-owned businesses. At a time when many people are out of work, job security is not easily attainable, and big corporations are increasingly unpopular, cooperatives provide a way for people not only to make a living, but to be invested in their work like never before.

  • One of the poorest cities in the nation is reinvesting in itself with a model for a localized economy.

  • How an old business model is finding new relevance all over the world.

  • Mondragón Cooperative Corporation: Look who makes the profits.