Jon Stewart: Wait, Who’s Greedy?

GE’s not paying taxes … and public employees are the ones we’re calling “greedy, parasitic, and selfish?”
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The Daily Show - I Give Up - Pay Anything...

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In an era of budget deficits, states around the country are targeting the rights, benefits, and services that low- and middle-income Americans depend on to close the gaps. Meanwhile, the growing US Uncut movement is pointing out that many of the deep cuts to services for low-income and middle class Americans could be avoided if only huge corporations like Bank of America and General Electric paid their taxes (despite billions in profits, neither paid taxes in 2010). Meanwhile President Obama has appointed G.E. CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt to head the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

We had to share this clip from The Daily Show, which cleverly illustrates the contradictions plaguing U.S. economic policies.

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