Occupy Economics: Because We’re Teaching It Wrong

Does Occupy Wall Street highlight the failures of traditional Econ 101? These economists think so.
occupy economics still


Occupy Economics from Softbox on Vimeo.

Economists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst vouched their support for the Occupy movement and the 99% in an open statement to Occupiers. Economists from around the world have added their names to this statement.

The economists who created the statement and the organization Econ4 believe there needs to be fundamental change in the field of economics in order to influence change in the economy and political spheres.

To find out more about the statement to Occupiers and the possibilities these economists see for the future visit Econ4.org.

  • Not everyone at the top of the economic system thinks it's a fair one. Why Jesse Estrin—and many others—decided to stand with the rest of us.

  • Is the Occupy movement an opportunity to transform the legal structures that give corporations their power over the rest of us?
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