Occupy the Dream: MLK’s Legacy in the Age of Occupy

What would Martin Luther King, Jr. have made of the worldwide social movements of 2011?
WWMLK do still

"The time has come for us to civilize ourselves by the total, direct and immediate abolition of poverty."
              -Martin Luther King, Jr.

What would Martin Luther King, Jr.—whose message was about economic inequality as well as racial inequality—have to say to today's occupiers?

Color of Change and Rebuild the Dream are encouraging people to hold meet-ups to discuss King's message to the ongoing fight for social, economic, racial, and political equality. This video, "What Would MLK Do?" is part of their toolkit.

To find a meet-up in your area, click here.

  • Robert Shetterly's remarkable collection of portraits reminds us of the dignity, courage and importance of America's truth tellers. This portrait: Martin Luther King, Jr.
    A lifelong activist shares her thoughts on revolution.
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