The End of the American Dream?

While the rich are getting richer and big corporations are taking a larger part of the pie for themselves, ordinary people are suffering. Can we bring an end to our “rich takes all” society?
American dream drawing


The American Dream—the idea that this is a land ruled by equality of opportunity—is having a tough time lately.

Inequality is skyrocketing, wages are stagnating, and corporations keep gaining more power.

Is this the end of the American dream, or can we unite to rebuild it?



  • An interview with epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson, whose research shows that what the healthiest and happiest societies have in common is not that they have more, but that what they have is more equitably shared. 

  • Is America meant to be a land of opportunity or inequality? Civic virtue or consumerism? Gus Speth explores three deep contradictions in the American identity, asking: What's next for the American dream?