More from YES! Magazine’s Winter 2012 issue, The YES! Breakthrough 15, featuring four of the 15 honorees, Lucas Benitez, Eboo Patel, Tim DeChristopher, and May Boeve
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  Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions         January 2012 :: The YES! Breakthrough 15 

Lucas Benitez by Jeffery Salter
Lucas Benitez: Dignity in the Fields

“Lucas shows us that no matter the odds, we have a choice. He chose courage, now thousands of others have discovered theirs.”—Frances Moore Lappé

In the tomato fields of Florida, Lucas Benitez and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers fight for our most exploited farm workers.


photo icon PLUS: How the Coalition of Immokalee Workers fights abuses in the fields.


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Eboo Patel photo
Eboo Patel: Crossing the Divide—With Faith

“Eboo’s personal offering of heart and mind, and his widely lauded work on interfaith cooperation, give me hope in a world dangerously fragmented by religion-driven animosities.” —Parker Palmer


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  We Have More Than Enough Power  

Tim DeChristopher by Ed Kosmicki
Tim DeChristopher: Sacrifice for the Climate

“We’re sure Tim’s version of monkey-wrenching would have made Edward Abbey whoop and holler with delight. His actions have inspired a generation of new climate activists.” —The Yes Men, political pranksters Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum


May Boeve photo by Lane Hartwell
May Boeve: Friendship to Carry Us Through Crisis

“The global climate protests of grew from friendship among May Boeve and a group of college kids who wanted to help the world. They show us what we, too, can achieve through community.”—Colin Beavan

“Believe that the world can change, and commit to your part of the solution. Look at the world with clear eyes, but remain hopeful, and celebrate! When you feel challenged, reach out and reach in.” —May Boeve

  Bicycles We Love  

From Pittsburgh to China—four innovations that are changing how we cycle.

De Cafe Racer Poster
Bike Lane photo by Dan Brubaker Horst
Hangzhou Bike photo by Bernhard Scheid
Dutch School Bus is a Bicycle Built for Ten
An eco-friendly bicycle bus harnesses the pedal power of kids.

Pittsburgh Rides it Forward
Get a bike, fix a bike, give a bike—how a local collective spreads the love of biking.
In China, Bike-Sharing on a Big Scale
Hangzhou, China: 7 million people. 50,000 public bikes. 240,000 trips a day. The largest public cycling system on Earth.

photo iconPLUS PHOTO ESSAY: In Minneapolis, a vending machine—for bikes.
  What’s New Online  

Corporate flag, photo by watchingfrogsboil Starry Sky photo by Nara Simhan Money pipeline, photo by ShellyS community dinner by aaron smith

How Cities and States are Sticking It to Citizens United
by Brooke Jarvis

From courthouses to statehouses, the pro-corporate ruling is under pressure.

Love Leads Into Mystery: Raising a Child With Asperger’s
by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

My son was not like other kids. But he taught me to drop my expectations about what life and parenting are all about.

Why I’m Giving Up Cynicism for New Year’s
by Bill McKibben

Let’s be naive enough to demand a country more like the one we were promised in high school civics class.

To Build Community, an Economy of Gifts
by Charles Eisenstein

For a multitude of reasons, we need to need each other.

  Did you miss…  

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  Signs of Life 

Elwha Dam 1914 by Asahel Curtis Hope for Salmon as Dams Come Down
by Jennifer Kaye

The destruction of two Washington State dams will restore depleted fisheries, create jobs, and maybe even change how we manage our rivers.  

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  Book Review 

The Spirit Level Cover Why Equality is Better for Everyone
Book Review: Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett’s The Spirit Level shows how inequality—and misery—trickle up.  


  Web Picks  


The Last Mountain Still

The Last Mountain
Follow a group of residents-turned-activists in their efforts to save Coal River Mountain, the last one left in an area devastated by mining.


Still from Rachel Botsman TEDx video

Why Own When You Can Share?
Welcome to the new age of collaborative consumption.

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