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Building a Just and Sustainable World   July 2009

The new YES! homepage
We Have a New Website

Dear Reader,

I'm happy to announce the launch of our new YES! website.

This project has been over a year in the planning and execution. It uses an open-source platform, Plone, and was crafted by leading Plone developers ONE/Northwest and Web Collective, a worker-owned cooperative.

Designer Taylor Bachrach has given the site a beautiful new look. We've incorporated what you told us in last year's online survey, and your desire for more frequent YES! stories.

Here's a taste of the new features:

  • Explore ideas and solutions by the topics you've told us you care most about: the planet, economy, democracy, justice, arts, community, living, and peace.
  • Comment directly on stories—we want to hear back from you and make it easy for you to see what other readers are thinking.
  • Find related stories and supporting tools easily—when you are excited about a solution, you can dig deeper through additional visionary articles, individual stories, and tools you can use to share the concepts with others.
  • Enjoy fresh timely content every week, in addition to our quarterly magazine issues.

We're excited about the new web design, and we hope you will be too. Let us know how you like it.

Audrey WatsonBest,
Audrey Watson's signature
Audrey Watson
Online Managing Editor

YES! Magazine

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We ask for your help two to three times a quarter and it's quick and easy. Join our Readers' Panel today and choose the cover for the Fall issue!

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New Online
WTO protests in Seattle 1999, Photo by Kevin Sharp, sharpphotography.com
teacher and children in Mali
Judy Wicks
Seattle + 10
On the tenth anniversary of the historic Seattle protest against the World Trade Organization it's time to declare our independence from Wall Street.

Mali’s Gift Economy
In Mali, one of the most cash poor nations in the world, "dama" or the gift economy is thriving.


Protecting What We Love
Local living economies advocate Judy Wicks says change comes when we resensitize ourselves to the costs of consumerism.

Highlights from the Latest YES!
Berkshare sign Dollars with Good Sense: DIY Cash
Local currencies value time, build community, and keep business moving even when credit dries up.
llustration by Don Baker for YES! Magazine. www.evidenceofhumanity.org Put Your Money Where Your Life Is
Americans want to invest locally: here’s how.

penny auction in Nebraska People Power Pushed the New Deal
Roosevelt didn’t come up with all those progressive programs on his own.
Cleveland skyline From Rustbelt to Recovery
Cleveland's Evergreen Cooperatives, a network of community- and worker-owned enterprises, keep jobs and profits close to home. And they are servicing the city's most stable employers: hospitals and colleges.

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New from the blogs
BLOGS Back to Basics
As Congressional negotiations heat up, what health care reforms can't be compromised?

Localize This
What makes radical activists put their lives on the line? A YES! intern reports from direct action bootcamp.

Water direct action training, photo by Logan Price
From the Publisher
Can Print Survive in the Digital Age?
Fran Korten, Executive Director of YES! MagazineThe answer: Yes we can! As many of you have told us, if there was ever a time for the YES! message, this is it.

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How banks make money, YES! Magazine graphic
Who Makes Our Money?
How banks create money out of thin air.
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