Israelis and Iranians Feel the Love

As their leaders talk violence, some residents of Israel and Iran are reaching out to each other directly with a promise of peace.
We Love You Iranians still 220

“For there to be a war between us, first we must be afraid of each other, we must hate.” 

—Ronny Edry, creator of "We Love You Iranians" graphic

Amid growing tensions between Israel and Iran, the leaders of both countries are amping up the talk of the need for violence in order to defend their people.

But the people have a different message.

When an Israeli graphic artist posted an image on Facebook with the message, “We Love You Iranians” it spread quickly through social media platforms; within a few hours, messages from Iranians, reading “We Love You Israelis,” appeared in reply.

Their message is clear: Those who would be most affected by a war—and in whose name violence is being threatened—want nothing to do with it.

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