Restorative Justice: A Practical Alternative to Prison

Patrice Gaines: We can keep our streets safe without throwing people away.
Patrice Gaines Teaching Prisoners, photo by Diedra Laird

Photo by Diedra Laird for YES! Magazine

More than forty years ago, Patrice Gaines spent three weeks in jail for a drug charge; ever since, she's been subjected to judgment and discrimination. The daily punishment she faces as a result of her criminal history led her to become a advocate for prison reform, dedicated to finding an alternative form of punishment that offers a second chance.

In this video, Free Speech TV interviews Gaines about restorative justice, a more humane—and practical—solution to crime.


  • Forty years since prison, Patrice Gaines still fights to get free.

  • A hit of compassion could keep drugs from becoming a crime problem.

  • Breaking through "tough on crime" policies to give all Americans a chance at employment.