Peace and Justice

The Indigenous Collective Using Tattoos to Rise Above Colonialism
by Mary Annette Pember
Spirit writing is more than tattoos. It’s guidance from the past that connects our responsibilities to each other and to earth.
The Importance of Movies Like “Black Panther” and “A Wrinkle in Time”
by Jennifer Burton, Julie Dobrow, Calvin Gidney
Researchers say that negative media portrayals of racial groups harm the self-esteem of children of color.
Tribes Build a Traditional Watch House to Stop Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion
by Janice Cantieri
And since the fall, Tiny House Warriors have been putting homes in the path of the pipeline.
The Racist Origin of the Second Amendment and the Rise of Black Gun Ownership
by Zenobia Jeffries
Many people of color are faced with uneasy support for a civil right that began as a way to oppress them.
Why Reading Sherman Alexie Was Never Enough
by Jacqueline Keeler
As the #MeToo spotlight moves to Indian Country, epidemic violence against Native women meets tokenism in publishing.
99 Problems and SATs Ain’t One: How Hip-Hop Literacy Programs Improve Student Reading Skills
by Kevon Paynter
Teachers hope programs like this will create “a paradigm shift to how hip-hop is viewed culturally and its place in education.”
Imagine a Board Game Where You Still Like Your Friends at the End
by Stephanie Van Hook
Forget Monopoly. There are new games that challenge us to turn our competitive drive toward solving social problems.
They’re Walking Five Days Straight to Honor Harriet Tubman—and Black Women Everywhere
by A. Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez
The women of GirlTrek are traversing 100 miles of the Underground Railroad to highlight Black female health and wellness.
The Catholic Sisters Empowering Women Around the World
by Gina Ciliberto
Next week, Catholic sisters will be joining a U.N. discussion on opportunities for gender equality.
Wakanda in Schools: The Black Panther Curriculum Makes Its Debut
by Shaima Shamdeen
How a Chicago teacher inspired by Black Panther is using the movie to teach about race and colonialism in America.
Decolonizing Birth: Women Take Back Their Power as Life-Givers
by Sarah Sunshine Manning
“We’re just beginning to bring those Indigenous perspectives forward again.”
Black Farmers Reviving Their African Roots: “We Are Feeding Our Liberation”
by Kevon Paynter
Community farmers in D.C. say crops and methods of their African ancestors hold an essential key to restoring Black health.
The Disruption of White Supremacy
by Mark Trahant
The white male-centric colonial system is incapable of the leadership we need, and Indigenous knowledge is essential for the innovation that will follow this disruption.
The Day Racial Profiling Said I Was a Black Person Who Might Steal Something
by Bailey Williams
What happened to me goes much deeper than my own discomfort; profiling has been deadly for so many others.
After Thousands of Years, Western Science Is Slowly Catching Up to Indigenous Knowledge
by George Nicholas
New research about how birds use fire to get a broader food supply comes as no surprise to Indigenous people.