Peace and Justice

The College Mental Health Crisis in 10 Sketches
by Krista Karlson
As schools respond to the 30 percent increase in demand for counseling, artist Ella Baron gives a glimpse inside some students’ experiences.
Black Pride Gives Queer People of Color a Place to Honor Their Identity
by Khaaliq Crowder
LGBTQ celebrations all over the U.S. recognize the interests of those who haven’t found a place within the mainstream community.
A Community of Slave Descendants Is Protecting Unique Food Traditions from Rising Seas
by Shoshi Parks
One chef is raising the profile of Gullah/Geechee cuisine to help maintain the Nation’s cultural identity.
Resisting the Power Structures That Keep Colonialism Alive
by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson
We must look at the roots of capitalism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, and anti-Blackness to leave settler colonialism in the past.
To Combat Gentrification, One City Is Changing How Homes Are Bought and Sold
by Lornet Turnbull
The city of Buffalo is supporting its first community land trust, designed to give neighbors control over land use and to keep housing affordable.
Kennedy Resignation Sparks New Urgency for First-Time Women Candidates of Color
by Adam Lynch
If elected to Congress, they would counter conservative decisions from the court with progressive lawmaking.
Caravan of Grandmothers Heads to Mexico Border
by Lornet Turnbull
The group leaving from New York will onboard other “grannies” and allies along the way to support migrating families.
How Residents of South LA Are Tackling Environmental Racism
by Daniel Ross
In the polluted Watts neighborhood, residents’ average lifespan is 12 years less than people from affluent areas.
5 Reasons Salmon Are an Environmental Justice Solution
by Shannan Lenke Stoll
We need wild salmon—and not just because they’re tasty. They are an indicator of ecosystem health.
Three Questions to Lead Us Away From Self-Extinction
by David Korten
Transformation begins with clarity on the nature of the choice that confronts our species.
New York’s Suicide Prevention Program Is the First of Its Kind in the U.S.
by Angela Fichter
Suicide rates have been rising overall, but the results from this Swiss study were promising: Suicidal behavior dropped by 80 percent.
With Kennedy’s Vacancy, Only Voting Can Check One-Party Rule
by Chris Winters
Trump will replace the last centrist on the Supreme Court. Now only voter pushback can restore balance to Congress.
Cooking Stirs the Pot for Social Change
by Korsha Wilson
Preparing food—and letting others in our communities cook for us—is how we become good citizens who engage with the communities around us.
How to Call Your Representative to Protest Jailing Immigrant Families
by YES! Staff
Step-by-step advice, whether your member of Congress is a Democrat or a Republican.
Where Birth Control Is Scarce, Young Women Create Sex Education Outside the Classroom
by Ivy Brashear
A Kentucky program trains women to advocate for their reproductive health.