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In the face of the civil wars wrecking their country, a small group of courageous Liberian women banded together to advocate peace.
film still from Pray the Devil Back to Hell

The civil wars in Liberia wrecked the country with violence that left 200,000 dead and half million Liberians displaced.

In the face of this violence, a small group of Liberian women organized together to advocate an alternative. Wearing white to symbolize their dedication to peace, the courageous women organized picketing, sit-ins, and marches to demonstrate against war, bring international attention to war victims, and pressure people—including President Charles Taylor—to work toward conflict resolution.

This documentary tells these women's story and includes interviews with Leymah Gbowee, the founder and executive director of Women in Peace and Security Network Africa; Etweda "Sugars" Cooper, one of the founders of the Liberia Women Initiative; Vaiba Flomo, who worked with Gbowee to unite Christian and Muslim women's groups and created this unifying message: "Can the bullet pick and choose? Does the bullet know Christian from Muslim?"; Asatu Bah Kenneth, a police officer and president of the Liberia Female Law Enforcement Association; and demonstrators and journalists.

Pray the Devil Back to Hell, film poster
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