The Third Side of Conflict is Peace

The secret to peace—within your family or the Middle East—could be as simple as taking a walk.
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We're all one family, says mediator and author William Ury, and all of the planet's more than 15,000 "tribes" are somehow in touch with one another. Just like many families, the world is rife with conflict. In an age where almost anyone can find a gun and weapons of mass destruction are within reach, how do we reconcile our differences? It starts, argues Ury, with listening.



  • Check out William Ury's book,

  • How Hawaiian tradition sorts out family disputes.
  • :
    Rabbi Ted Falcon, Pastor Don Mackenzie, and Sheikh Jamal Rahman, known collectively as the "interfaith amigos," have been learning and teaching together since 2001. They blog weekly for YES! Magazine.

  • The truly good news is that, over the nearly 15 years since YES! was founded, the number of positive, community-based initiatives has exploded.
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