A Very Civil Civil Disobedience

"From Henry David Thoreau, to Susan B. Anthony, to Gandhi, to King, to you." Oscar-nominated director Josh Fox on how you can help stop the disastrous development of the Canadian tar sands.
tar sands waste water

Toxic waste water is stored in ponds so large they can be seen from space.

Video courtesy of StopKeystoneXL

Over the coming weeks, thousands will risk arrest at a White House sit-in to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline project, one of many planned pipelines to take the oil produced from the Canadian tar sands to refineries in the United States.

Josh Fox, Oscar-nominated director of the documentary Gasland, makes a video appeal to "fracktivists" and anyone else who wishes to prevent the devastation of that will accompany the production and transportation of tar sand oil. His powerful video examines the monstrous impact of the tar sands project, and the courage of those who are standing up to stop it.


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