Minnesota’s Ground Zero for Unjust Evictions

A glitch in PNC Bank’s online payment system meant the Cruz family’s home fell into foreclosure, putting it at the center of a committed community stand-off.
Facing Foreclosures

Alejandra and David Cruz have lived in their home for seven years. But because of a glitch on the PNC Bank's auto-billing system they have fallen into foreclosure despite being willing and able to pay their mortgage. Since then, Occupy Homes MN turned the house into a social center to protest the unfair eviction and Alejandra Cruz has put together a petition to negotiate the foreclosure, garnering more than 200,000 signatures already.

  • The fight against unjust evictions just got fiercer as the national Occupy movement joins forces with community anti-foreclosure groups.

  • Closing down banks and holding up families, the fight against unjust foreclosures takes off.

  • Our homes tell the story of where we come from and who we are. What happens when we lose them?