Egypt's Revolution: Behind the Scenes

Al Jazeera reports on the years of organizing that underpinned Egypt's "spontaneous" uprising.
Al Jazeera video still


Much media coverage of the massive uprising that ousted Egypt's longtime president, Hosni Mubarek, has characterized the protests as largely spontaneous. But while the proverbial fire in Egypt was sparked by the success of a pro-democracy uprising in Tunisia—and fed by widespread anger at corruption and economic conditions under the Mubarek regime—activists had been working for years to create the conditions that allowed it to spread and be successful, Al Jazeera reports.


  • From Cairo, a first-person account of the way Egyptians supported and protected one another during the historic protests that led to the departure of President Hosni Mubarak.

  • An American organizer on Egypt's people power lessons for the rest of us.
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