Rewriting Education for the Real World

Video: The Environmental Charter High School is making an impact on students, the community, and the planet.
Environmental Charter High School, image by Siel

Photo by Siel

Jordan Howard was once skeptical about a need for environmental change. But as a student at Environmental Charter High School in Lawndale, Calif., she was inspired to care while taking a "Green Ambassadors" class. With college prep classes, fruit trees as vending machines, and a "Green My Parents" program, ECHS students are excited to be agents of change and "rewrite their future" by learning through experience.


When Jordan heard about President Obama's Race to the Top Commencement Challenge, she decided to enter her high school in the contest. Jordan's school pride paid off: ECHS was one of six finalists in the nation. Watch the submission video to see how the school where Jordan got her start is making a difference, from student to parent to planet. 


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