US Uncut: How to Do Your Own Bail-In

Advice from UK Uncut: Bringing an uncut protest to your town is easy.
How to Do Your Own Bain-In, video still


The idea behind UK Uncut— a grassroots movement that asks why public services like libraries and health care are being cut while corporations skip out on paying taxes—is spreading to the United States, with dozens of actions planned for Februrary 26. Want to hold your own Uncut protest? It's simple, says filmmaker Oonagh Cousins:

  1. Choose a cut.
  2. List the action.
  3. Tell everyone.
  4. Get props.
  5. Bail-in


  • Glenn Beck thinks the spread of anti-corporate protests is a little too convenient. But this is what happens when ordinary people discover their power.

  • It took a while, but protests in Wisconsin show that poor and middle class Americans are ready to push back against the policies and cuts that hurt them most. Madison may be only the beginning.

  • Imagine a parallel universe where the Great Crash of 2008 inspired ordinary people to take on corporate tax evaders. The name of this parallel universe is Britain.