May Day Makes Waves in Seattle

Photo Essay: Hip hop rallies, immigrant marches, and ... Grandmothers Against Bullshit?

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hip hop occupies by ayla harbinHundreds of people turned out for May Day protests in Seattle last week in support of numerous causes—from Occupy to immigration issues. A group of students who walked out of Highline High School for the day wanted to draw attention to issues of education for the children of immigrants and support the DREAM Act. A "Grandmother Against Bullshit" showed up to support the causes of the 99 percent in the hope of leaving a more just and equal world to her grandson.

May Day actions in Seattle included a hip hop concert hosted by Hip Hop Occupies, clowns, local students walking out of school, colorful signs, and kids playing. Despite some property destruction by a faction of protesters, the peaceful actions  resembled a festival as much as a protest.

Photos by Ayla Harbin


  • How do this year's May Day demonstrations fit into the international movement for economic justice?

  • What will be the lasting impacts of Occupy’s latest major action?

  • Video: Thousands of protesters in New York City sing, “This Land Is Your Land.”
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