My Journey Home

This documentary follows writer Faith Adiele, journalist Andrew Lam, and brothers Armando and Carlos Peña as they travel to their ancestral homelands to uncover the impact of global history on American individuals and society.
Faith Adiele

My Journey Home follows three Americans—Armando Peña, Faith Adiele, and Andrew Lam—as they travel to their ancestral homelands.

These clips from the two-hour documentary show some of Adiele's story. The writer describes her parents' roles in the civil rights and African independence movements and her own experiences growing up as as a Nigerian-Nordic-American woman. 

Raised by her Scandinavian-American mother as the only bi-racial child in her small Washington state town, Adiele explores culture, identity, travel and spirituality as she travels to Africa in search of her father.

 Press play (bottom left)  to start video.

Press play (bottom left)  to start video.

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