People Power

Preventing the Fall of Rome
by Gar Alperovitz
Gar Alperovitz: Why transformative change to the economic system is needed and how it might be accomplished.
The Corporation
by Jing Fong
Watch a new video about an eighth grade class using The Corporation film as a discussion starter. Share with your students using free curriculum from The Ontario Institute of Studies in Education.
My Greatest Teaching Moment
by Jesse Hagopian
High school history teacher Jesse Hagopian celebrates the moment when his students started making their own history.
Special Weapons for Fighting Corporate Giants
by Robert Weissman
Revoke their charters, and other legal tools to hold corporations accountable to our laws.
Our House, In the Middle of the Bank
Video: What can you do when the bank takes away your house? Move into theirs.
Europe Bans Export of Death Penalty Drugs
by Jennifer Kaye
The EU makes a bold move towards the abolition of executions everywhere.
One Million in Wisconsin Want Recall
by Valerie Schloredt
How a grassroots coalition convinced more than a million voters to challenge their state's controversial governor.
Three Ways to Beat Corporate Giants
by Jim Shultz
How do Davids bring down Goliaths? Three tactics that worked.
Vermont Votes to Overturn Citizens United
by Brooke Jarvis
From town meetings to the state legislature, Vermont is sending a strong message on corporate involvement in politics.
Thousands Give Up Carbon for Lent
by Catherine Woodiwiss
In the season of reflection, Christians around the world are focusing on being better stewards of creation.
Occupy Sends In the Clowns
Meet the + Brigades, an Occupy effort to bring more innovation to the art of nonviolent protest.
How to Cover Everyone: Vermont’s Single-Payer Success
by Amy Gluckman
The state’s progressive health care model has already bolstered campaigns in more than 20 other places.
Nurses Fight for a Dose of Tax Justice
by Sarah Anderson
Before there was Occupy, thousands of nurses were already taking on Wall Street to demand a financial transaction tax.
Our Co-Owned Future
by Gar Alperovitz
Gar Alperovitz: From health care to jobs to community development, why the future will be cooperative.
America the Possible: A Manifesto
by Gus Speth
It’s not too late to build an American Dream that lives up to our highest ideals.