Rapper 2 Chainz: Ex-Felons Can Get Their Voting Rights Back

One the biggest voting myths is that those with felonies on their record have lost the right to vote forever. Here’s how you can get re-enfranchised.


According to Respectmyvote.com,

"Perhaps the biggest voting myth out there is that if you have a felony on your record, you have lost your right to vote forever. Every state has slightly different laws, but in the vast majority of cases, ex-offenders can vote."

The Respect My Vote campaign is being promoted by celebrities and ex-felons like 2 Chainz and aims to educate other ex-felons about getting re-enfranchised.

The campaign, targeted at younger would-be voters, provides a guide to each state's particular laws on restoring votes to ex-offenders. Click here to find out more about the laws in your state.

  • "I was overjoyed when I got my voter registration card. I was a real citizen!" Ex-offenders on reclaiming the human right to vote.

  • It won’t be easy to protect our votes from being sidelined and stolen this year, but here are a few simple things we can do.

  • We have to do more than block bad laws. We need real voting reform to expand the franchise for the 21st century.
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