The American Dream, Reloaded

It's happening: The movement to rebuild the dream means owning our stories about how it went wrong—and finding our own ways to make it right.
American Dream Reloaded

Graphic by Michelle Ney.



Last weekend, thousands of Americans gathered in homes and public spaces across the country to kick off a movement to reimagine the American Dream.

Rebuild the Dream is a project spearheaded by the Center for Community Change and MoveOn, among many other organizations. Van Jones pitched it to a crowd of hundreds of enthusiastic activists during June's Netroots Nation conference in Minneapolis, calling on Americans of every political stripe to reject "cheap" patriotism in favor of "deep" patriotism—a patriotism that demands liberty and justice for all.

Inspired by the Tea Party's historical success in galvanizing support through creating community spaces in which regular people could talk about change, Rebuild the Dream's first nationwide event outdid its right-wing counterpart's early efforts with more than 1,400 registered house parties in every part of the U.S.

YES! Magazine was in Poulsbo, Washington, to hear why thousands of Americans are saying, we can do better, and we'll do it together.

Check out and vote for their ideas at Rebuild the Dream.


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